Day 2: Jaffa and Tel Aviv

By Kate Hawthorne

We started the day off by picking up six IDF soldiers who will stay with us for the rest of the trip: Shelly, Ran, Yifat, Mikey, Tomar, and Nadav. After that, we went to a building owned by the Azrieli corporation (which is now run by a Swarthmore alumna) and got the chance to go on the roof of the 49-story building and see a beautiful view of Tel Aviv. After that, we went and did officially-led ice breakers with the IDF soldiers, before going out near the old port to find our lunches. After that, we went on a walking tour of Jaffa’s old port and got beautiful views and learned fascinating history. We returned to our hotel and had dinner, before a large amount of the group went out for a fun night on the town, while the rest of us stayed in and rested after our busy day.

Cats Seen: 6


From Gal with Love

Hello friends

Because my English is not so good I find it easier to express things in writing, so there are some things I want to say.

First of all, I must say that I enjoyed all those 10 days with you. I learned so much from you and together we created so many experiences and it’s just the greatest gift I could have received from you.

My job as a security guard trips, I usually go at the end of the group and accompany the group until the end of the trip, and often I feel like air. Not really part of the team and I do not have too much interaction with people in the group.

I must say that you really gave me to feel a part of the team.

You gave me feel part of the family, and really enjoyed meet each of you. A huge thank you for it.

I think you’re smart, good people, I’m sure you will do great things in your life and really happy to meet you.

I want to say a huge thank you for helping me economically to finance my flight ticket to you.

I’m really excited about my arrival in the United States and looking forward to it very much.

I love you very much and already miss.

See you soon!

Gal Bar